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Welcome into the new Web portal

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After several days of immense work, we’ve completed the new portal. After 4 years, we decided to give a new look to 360Consulenza portal which adopts a  completely Flat style. Besides, the new portal not only adopts a shocking graphic restyling, but also structural changes.

We talk about the blog, the chat in real time with operators, the booking of a 30 minutes free consultation, with the possibility to choose the day among the available ones. In addition, our site also becomes social with a direct connection to the most important Social Network.
Soon there will be a reserved area for our registered clients in the portal, will be in multi-language and will follow a multi-store, where you can purchase our services with an affordable price.
So, we did a huge job and we will not stop doing our most important task: stay next to you.
We hope you like it. Help us putting ‘like’ on our Facebook page or sharing our article.

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